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Contact 1--Giselle Li-mei Chien (Preside

Giselle Li-mei Chien

Hoplite Team

Hoplite is a flexible organization which sticks to the target of meeting Customers’ needs and requirements. 
Please contact us for further information and we will respond to all your questions as well as expectations.

Auditing and Sales

Contact 2--Jade Chiu.jpg

Jade Chiu

Contact 3--Rico Chen.jpg

Rico Chen

Contact New 2023--Amanda Lee-ol.jpg

Amanda Lee

Production, Logistics and Shipping

Contact 6--Sean Chien.jpg

Sean Chien

Contact 7--Ling Tsai.jpg

Ling Tsai

Finance and Accounting

Contact 12--Jamie Wu (Chief).jpg

Jamie Wu (Chief)

Contact 13--Sylvia Hsieh.jpg

Sylvia Hsieh

Contact 14--Vivian Lai.jpg

Vivian Lai

Quality Control

Contact 8 Monique Hsueh (Chief).jpg

Monique Hsueh (Chief)

Contact 9--Ying Ko.jpg

Ying Ko

Contact 10--Ivy Wang.jpg

Ivy Wang

Contact 11--Lin Li.jpg

Lin Li

Hoplite Industry Co., Ltd



11F., No.176-1, Gangshan Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 82051, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Located on 10 floor


+886-7-6244992 / +886-7-6244993


+886-7-6244990 / +886-7-6245226

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CE MARK 新-ol.png

Quotation Request

Kindly let us know about your demand, we welcome your contact at any time !

Thanks! Message sent.

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