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Hoplite Laboratory

Hoplite Industry Co., Ltd. is constantly working on quality improvements. Hoplite products undergo a series of comprehensive quality checks at each point of production to ensure their performance adheres to the quality standards and meets the customers requirements.

With a view to ensure confidence in quality services to customers, HOPLITE laboratory, located on 10 floor, completes the A2LA accreditation process in the field of mechanical testing on metal fasteners for the following test procedures:

Torsional Strength / Vickers Hardness (HV 10kg) / Micro Hardness (HV 0.3kg) / Drill-Drive / Case Depth / Surface Discontinuity

This accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory quality management system in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Metallurgical Microscope (1)-2.jpg

Metallugical Microscope

順位5--Drilling Test Equipments (1)-2.jpg

Drilling Test Equipments

順位9--Salt Spray Test Machine-2.jpg

Salt Spray Test Machine

順位13--Gauges and Callipers.jpg

Gauges and Callipers

順位17--Depth Gauge & Torque Wrenches.jpg

Depth Gauges & Wrenches

Vickers Hardness

Vickers Hardness

順位6--Abrasive Cutoff Machine (1)-2.jpg

Abrasive Cutoff Machine

順位10--Cambercheck Evaluation-10.jpg

Cambercheck Evaluation



順位3--Mitsutoyo Micro-Vickers Hardness (1

Micro-Vickers Hardness

順位7--Mounting Press-2.jpg

Mounting Press

順位11--Protrusion-Head Height Gauge.jpg

Protusion-Head Height Gauge

順位15--Borematic & Holtest.jpg

Borematic & Holtest

順位4--WSU 2.5 Vision Measuring Projector

WSU 2.5
Vision Measuring Projector

順位8--Grinder and Polisher (1)-2.jpg

Grinder and Polisher

順位12--Gauge Blocks.jpg

Gauge Blocks

順位16--Torque Drive--1.jpg

Torque Drive

順位18--Rubber Hardness  Tester.jpg

Rubber Hardness Tester

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