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Hoplite Industry Co., Ltd. is constantly working on quality improvements. Hoplite products undergo a series of comprehensive quality checks at each point of production to ensure their performance adheres to the quality standards and meets the customers requirements.

With a view to ensure confidence in quality services to customers, HOPLITE laboratory completes the A2LA accreditation process in the field of mechanical testing on metal fasteners for the following test procedures:

Torsional Strength / Vickers Hardness (HV 10kg) / Micro Hardness (HV 0.3kg) / Drill-Drive / Case Depth / Surface Discontinuity

This accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory quality management system in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Metallurgical Microscope (1)-2.jpg

Metallugical Microscope

順位5--Drilling Test Equipments (1)-2.jpg

Drilling Test Equipments

順位9--Salt Spray Test Machine-2.jpg

Salt Spray Test Machine

順位13--Gauges and Callipers.jpg

Gauges and Callipers

順位17--Depth Gauge & Torque Wrenches.jpg

Depth Gauges & Wrenches

Vickers Hardness

Vickers Hardness

順位6--Abrasive Cutoff Machine (1)-2.jpg

Abrasive Cutoff Machine

順位10--Cambercheck Evaluation-10.jpg

Cambercheck Evaluation



順位3--Mitsutoyo Micro-Vickers Hardness (1

Micro-Vickers Hardness

順位7--Mounting Press-2.jpg

Mounting Press

順位11--Protrusion-Head Height Gauge.jpg

Protusion-Head Height Gauge

順位15--Borematic & Holtest.jpg

Borematic & Holtest

順位4--WSU 2.5 Vision Measuring Projector

WSU 2.5
Vision Measuring Projector

順位8--Grinder and Polisher (1)-2.jpg

Grinder and Polisher

順位12--Gauge Blocks.jpg

Gauge Blocks

順位16--Torque Drive--1.jpg

Torque Drive

順位18--Rubber Hardness  Tester.jpg

Rubber Hardness Tester

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